A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

The Fixer is an adult life sim lite visual novel. You take the role of the protagonist, Samantha who is a Fixer. In order to solve her employer’s problems she has to face different challenges such as investigating industrial sabotage, diplomacy between factions and tracking down troublemakers. But she needs somehow to carry on with her everyday life while dealing with her missions.

The world is suffering. Disease, economic and government collapse and the death of over half of the population has lead to most people living in extreme strife. The town of Blaston, where the story is set, fared a little better than most and so Sam and her sister try to make their way there to seek refuge.

After playing through one of the origin stories, Samanta finds herself in Blaston, having been rescued by the cities main power base and in return she agrees to work for them as a "Fixer" who solves potentially sensitive problems using tact, diplomacy or underhanded means. Will she manage to make a difference to the town and its power brokers or will she fall into the pit of depravity and despair along with the majority of residents in Blaston?


She is the protagonist of the story. Her name, skin/hair colour are all customizable to your liking and play a large part in the story. As the Fixer, you will be tasked with getting close to people to fulfil your mission, and in many cases you will change your appearance to suit the preferences of those you are trying to befriend.

Game features

Sandbox gameplay around a more traditional branching narrative. 

Character customization. Change your skin, hair, eyes, makeup, clothes, accessories, tattoos and more.

Wardrobe system that lets you mix and match any clothes you have bought as well as colour them to your liking.

Pregnancy system. It's all fun and games till your belly starts to grow


If you would like to support me and be involved in guiding the development of the Fixer, you can follow me on Patreon. I also have a public discord where you can give feedback, post bugs or just hang out.

Note - I am working on getting the browser version working. As usual I am hitting itch limitations and working to solve the issue


The Fixer v0.2.40 Changelog

  • Full update to the first Institute mission with Simon in the pub. New branches are an intimidate option, a seduce option and a barmaid option. 
  • Depending on the route you take, Simon can offer you extra work to help him get pictures of you and Bob together.
  • Update to the striptease game in preparation of having Simon become a recurring character.
  • Updated the Psychologist session to account for the new routes.
  • Updated the failure branch of the Simon mission as well as the police sections pre Haven.
  • Removed almost all restrictions from the wardrobe. Now if the player is too pure/unconfident to wear specific clothing, it incurs a mood hit and possibly confidence hit. But as long as Sammy’s breasts/vagina is not on show, she will wear it.
  • Can now wear a jacket without a top underneath
  • Added new surgery options with Dr Nicolas. You can now get birth control, abortion, heal all wounds, regain your virginity, a pregnancy test and rename Samantha.
  • Added Bob character art and updated Simon, Dr. Tucker and Dr. Nololas’ character art
  • Can now masterbate yourself in bed or at the showers
  • Added a few new masturbation scenes with Bob, soccer boys and Shane
  • Made the pub available from the start of the game. You can now drink and work there from day 1
  • Added some notifications when a skill check is called and why you can/cant follow a certain branch
  • Made visible options you are unable to pick and reason why you can’t access these options
  • Added a new “where to cum” function that checks your stats and conditions and chooses where the guy will cum and if he will pullout if asked. 
  • Sammy will now know she is pregnant after her first missed period
  • Made the bully scenes trigger based on confidence. Low confidence will trigger them much more frequently
  • Added cheat to jump directly to meeting Simon in the pub
  • Added a dynamic colour picker for the skintone. This is a prototype for testing if it works without flaws to be implemented properly later. Access from the cheat menu
  • Added failsafe trigger that will hide/remove any groping hands or beer mugs I forgot to remove
  • Removed floating hearts, drunk bubbles and drunk swirl
  • Archived images. This should significantly help with game slowdown. If you suffered from slowdown, tell me if this improved things.
  • Raised prices for surgery from 500 to 5000
  • Fixed so the soccer boys only ask you to wear your waitress/dance outfit if you have unlocked them
  • Stopped some conversations triggering if the bullies have been dealt with
  • Cut up some longer sentences to fit better on smaller/mobile screens
Updated 2 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, Character Customization, Erotic, Female Protagonist, Life Simulation, NSFW, Ren'Py, Sandbox, Story Rich
Average sessionA few hours


TheFixer- 119 MB
TheFixer- 85 MB
TheFixer- 108 MB

Development log


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Great game, great work.

When will be "The road to v3.0 progress report pt3"?



So it seems we have good news ahead

please tell us when? +-


Yes. We want the v3.0 as soon as possible!


New Missions Need. Please Get Big New Update 💜💜

Looking at the images on the top, I've noticed that there are some hairstyles and bang types that aren't in the game. Are those new, or scrapped?


of the ones on the front page, all of them are currently obtainable in game - use any mirror in a bathroom to re-style your hair, though it limits you to specific styles for swimming, sport and home outfits I think. there are some unavailable hair styles on NPCs. Also, you might just be looking at them with th wrong perspective, or they might be displayed differently in certain cutscenes.

I just went and rechecked, those bang styles actually aren't in the game, nor that short bob that appears in pic 8

The appearance of hairstyles can vary depending on MC's hair length.

where did emilie go?

Is there a bukakke event in the current build?

not to a great extent, but seducing the guards, rare threesome with soccer boys, and not quite the bully free use segment. 


dude, when will the update come out, it's been 5 years since you've been doing it for 118 days, so what are you doing for so long, so I'll make big breasts and boom, it's done, right?

v3.0 is the biggest update the game is gonna get, if you've been reading the progress reports, you will know its gonna take a while

we don't actually have any numbers because of just how much he's doing converting to the new version, but hopefully before the end of the year, though the next update should be another progress report


Can we have some rape scenes if our lewd status is low and some kind of willing sex outdoors (for money if prostitue) if our lewd status is high enough? Maybe 4.0 in like a year? Would be cool!

prostitution outdoors already is in the works, rape probably as well as a natural risk with the highway area prostitutions job, might also show up in other areas with other risks

I was thinking about Park or something like that but that's good too.

Thanks for info ;)

bigger boobs please

(1 edit) (+1)

Check out the 3.0 progress reports. We're getting exactly that.

thank you!:)

Even though it's probably just a progress report, excited impatience

Can u interact with simon or bob after first missions is done? if so how? 

not yet - that's coming in future updates


Hole in Haven was a missed opportunity for a glory hole….. 

in a way it can have similar functions, when you get caught by a certain someone. but there will probably eventually be gloryholes in game... question is where.


Can you tell me the release date of the v3.0 update? 


i really cant wait for the new update, i just have one question, are you also gina add, that you can whore yourself on the highway


Yes, it will be in one of the 3.x updates. I am aiming for the next build but there is a chance some aspect of it get pushed back

I might need a tip or two about how to increase confidence

In short, be happy. Happy Sammy gains confidence and sad Sammy loses it. 

I would like to know how to change hair style? also more info about the nipples colour and tattoo please

thank you

(1 edit)

also how to increase confidence and how to become tan as well


hair style is changed in any mirror (bathroom at home, etc), length only can be changed by either cheat or going to the body mod doctor. Confidence is a slow gain thing by... I dunno, and tan can only be added via cheats. the tattoo currently only exists for the haven route, and is removed afterwards. bodywriting can be done through some events (don't know which ones) and cheat menu.  nipple color and size is also the body mod doctor.

thank you very much

body writing is from the football. You gotta lose the game/dare.

There are also two bully encounters where Shane and Marcus will write or draw on your face.


eager for the new update to come 

Me too, hopefully it's soon.

(1 edit) (+1)

I normally avoid these types of obvious model art games but gave this one a shot and I'm pleasently surprised. The porn didn't come from casual nudity walking around naked like it's totally normal which you see all too often in games like these.

However I did have some issues I hope to see addressed in the future. Mostly a lack of information. You hear rumors around the school about a job at a motel, whoring at the highway, something about the truck stop but there's nothing there currently, at least nothing I could find but nothing to tell me that there's nothing there yet if there will be at all. Sometimes events advance all on their own merely because you have the stats, I was aiming for sex anyway but it was odd that I didn't actually get a choice in the matter, was just slutty enough or triggered the RNG so it was automatic. I had no idea whether what I was doing would lead to more events or scenes and I ended up wasting a lot of time.

I'd really like to see more scenes with the other girls and more information about those scenes. Especially Dani, more Dani please. I'd actually like to see something for Rachel too as she's talked about a lot but nothing is ever really shown. I read the spoilers for the unfinished dance event and I don't like that I'd need to be a virgin to see the other scenes, perhaps a way to see them anyway after the fact as it seems the aim is to focus completely on the main character so they don't see stuff they aren't there for, however it's a porn game so I'd still like to actually see such thing and skipping sex scenes just to see someone elses bugs me.

I'm a fan of the increased boob size I'm seeing in the progress update. Looking forward to more.

Edit: Forgot to mention I'm disappointed that riding the bus does nothing even though gossip and characters complain about being molested or outright fucked on it.

The game reality matching school rumors as well as the bus rides are parts of incoming 0.3 update.


Thank you for your detailed feedback.

Some of the rumours/gossip are things I plan to add but haven't managed to do so yet. Most should be added in the 3.x updates.

The sex events happening on their own was my attempt at having Sammy take autonomous actions based on her stats/horny/drunk levels. It has been a fairly divisive feature so in the updates I have toned it back a bit and kept Sammy acting on her own only for when her stats reach more extreme levels.

Dani is probably the most popular character so she in the updates has quite a lot of new stuff added to her. Over time she will become quite a prominent character. People also quite like Rachel so some new stuff is planned with her as well.

Bus stuff is planned :)

Thanks for the response!

I was also wondering if you plan on showing stuff that the player wasn't around for. Like I mentioned in my previous post the spoilers for a later event talk about seeing scenes if the player is a virgin as they would otherwise be preoccupied, will there be a way to see the scenes without having to try and stay a virgin up to that point? I'm also quite curious about stuff like Dani's conversations with the man after the dances at the park that lead to her event.

Guess I just kind of like to know what's happening in all aspects of a story, even the things the player character isn't present for.

I have made it a specific point to only show things through Sammy's eyes. So no cut away's to what others are doing or hearing other peoples thoughts. 

But with the dance event, we will see when I write it. While I have a rough outline of it, the specifics are still to be decided so maybe you will still see what is going on.

I'm also the kind that likes to see everything but I also get that there needs to be some incentive to a virgin run and skipping your own scenes. Most would see the virgin run as reward enough but some might not.

An alternative to some could be ingame social media. A computer or phone you can use and perhaps some scenes get uploaded, like the planned dance event scenes. Then you could also add a bunch of online content later if you felt like it. Scenes involving other characters you can stumble across online, an online character that you might get to meet, or developing an online presence yourself posting selfies or lewd streaming.

there is a short bus scene as part of the Dance route. X-change series had dope bus scenes…

I've now downloaded and installed the update 3 times and each time all the sex scenes are bugged and I have to Ignore multiple times or rollback.

If you're continuing old game save with the current game version, that's probably the most likely reason for it. You'd need to check if your issues persist with a new playthrough, started with 0.2.4.

Probably because you have used the cheat menu to make Sammy a custom skin colour. It was just a test feature that shouldn't be used. Set her back to a default skin tone for now.

Checking the mall, the elf outfit is bugged, not having a preview image, showing "Image wardrobe_clothes_outfit_103 not found." instead.


it's been like that for a while, the outfit functions normally in gameplay though, just no preview. It'll probably be fixed among many other things in the major update that's still a ways off


Since there aren't many games that feature it(that are available for mobile), Can you add a new hermaphrodite start? You'll still be able to get knocked up, but new content can be added that allows the player to knock up others. Or at the very least, be able to turn the upcoming femboy into your own cumdump. Why the specification of your own? Because I suspect that even while not being a futanari, the MC will most likely be able to "corrupt" the "straight" roommate into become a cumdump to the fathers of her children when she's not in the mood. 




Were or how do ya get the bikini so ya can tan? cant figure it out

He can ask why I can't complete the task that I should go to work in the evening I go there at 8:00 in the evening nothing 10:00 in the evening nothing so how should I continue the story or am I doing something wrong I would appreciate any advice


If you are talking about the job at the bar it's suposed to start at 17:00

(Its the hour it let's you start your shifts)


Please tell me someone has a walkthrough for the damn "haven" arc. I'm not okay IRL at this point trying to deal with this section. I've got the crowbar and the the dang pipe won't break and now my character has fucking bruises and trauma I'm not okay with and frankly most because I'm having to pass time just to get back to scenes where I can maybe advance the plot if I'm lucky.. I honestly can't tell anymore.. and I basically am getting punished for trying. I just want past this arc or whatever. Please tell me someone can help. This is too much.

admittedly part of this may be from being too tired but...


firstly, it is possible to cheat out of the haven arc. but the ways to escape require learning about the doctor first - so eavesdropping, I think one with flirting with the guard (only one of the two on shifts), and one with a peephole in the room behind the showers (not the room in the showers). then there's a segment for escape ( do be sure to save in case you just do a dum, because tehre are two outcomes - a success, or a failure in which you acquire the broken traits, which aren't for everyone)

(1 edit) (+1)

Okay, so theres a few ways that I've found. Technically there's supposed to be like 8 endings. But I've only found a few. 

1. Simply laying low and eavesdropping: if you just eavesdrop for a few days in every room that its possible, you will learn enough about the doctor and then you can simply walk out the front door to leave. 

2. Talking/flirting with the guard: (orgy scene) Flirt with the guard multiple times until eventually he will invite you up to stay the night, if you accept there will be a massive orgy scene and then after you will be able to sneak into the bosses room and get information on the doctor, then you leave. 

3. Breaking the pipe with the crowbar: after you get the crowbar you can enter the back room in the showers, there will be a bunch of pipes and you can break one. If you are fit enough, and well rested. It will take a few trys to break. Then you escape.

4. Breaking the guards door open with the crowbar: if you go to the 2nd floor and to the 3rd room with "nothing" in it after having the crowbar, there will be a new option to "wait for the guard to go on a smoke break" click it a few times and wait until he does, then rush to the door and use the crowbar on it. It will take about as many tries to break the door as it did for the pipe. Just keep trying. After that there's a few endings once you get upstairs....

5. Good upstairs ending after breaking door with crowbar: once you get upstairs you will have to find a good hiding spot and wait until night, then go into the room at the end of the hallway. You will get the information for the doctor then you can leave. 

6. Bad upstairs ending after breaking door with crowbar #1: basically do all the same things in the good ending but jump out the window when almost getting caught, you will wake up in the hospital with a broken body. 

7. Bad upstairs ending after breaking door with crowbar #2: basically do all the same things but instead of jumping out of the window, stay and get caught. They will beat you and lock you up in a small room, you are essentially a slave. You will have to listen to your captures and make sure they don't get angry for a few weeks. There's quite a bit of sex scenes in this ending. Eventually you will get rescued by the Institute but only after you are pretty much broken. 

8. (I think) (I don't really know if this is one of the main actual endings or not, but I'll include it anyway). Getting rescued by the Institute: draining yourself of everything, and passing out so much then walking outside. You will pass out infront of the Haven and be rescued by someone from the Institute and returned to the hospital with no information on the doctor. 

Not sure if i'm high or what but I remember there being an event with Dani and her friend after dancing in the park with the girls, but I can't get it to trigger again, how do I do it?


can't wait


will you make it where she can whore on the street

Hey, having doubt why does one room in apportment is locked.is it future content.


It's locked because that is your current location.


I have once again returned to praise God Emperor Sam Tail for his miracle of a blessing called "TheFixer". May the ground he walks light on his path forever and more.



Could you please add butt and body enlargement in the next update

Doubtful. The amount of work required is better spent elsewhere for now.


Will there ever be the option to be a fem boy?


No, although there will be a femboy flatmate, Sammy will never get a penis that isn't from someone else.


we get a femboy flatmate?! This game is the gift that keeps on giving


Feels like the pregnancy system needs an update, adding the ability to have multiples, and overdue. With having Octuplets  as the maximum and very rare naturally, (outside of cheats) from 1-2 common, 3-4 uncommon, 5-6 rare, 7-8 very rare. certain medications (maybe via a black market?) options the main character can get can help increase the chance of multiples for a limited time or permanently.  New pregnancy art too depending on how many multiples you are having, and pregnancy stages. and new dialogue.


Will we be able to change Sammy's hip sizes sometime in the future, like with the different sized breasts that you are working on? I'd love it to be an option. 


Hip size is just too much work for what will be a small different right now. I can't imagine it ever getting in.


That's fair, it would be like having three versions of the game (narrow hips, average/normal hips, then big hips). So I could see how it would be a lot of work re-doing all of the art and making it flow perfectly. 


I think that the bodies of girls from the dance troupe should look more athletic. 


So is there a chance that we can have a VA for the game?


For those of us who are not so well versed in technical shorthand, what is a VA?


Voice actor


Thank you.


Doubtful. Adding VA on the scale something like the fixer would need is expensive.

yeah even just some orgasms i asked a friend earlier all good tho keep up the good work.


What triggers Sammy deliberately wanting to get pregnant / getting cummed inside?

Only happened to me once, can't seem to be able to recreate it.


Yes, Sammy getting creampied a certain number of times triggers this state. This is a dynamic of the game that I hope Sam_Tail changes at some point  because as things stand, the circumstances of the creampie don't matter, only that it happened. It could be from Sammy asking one of her customers at the bar to cum inside or one of the bullies coming inside when they rape her. Both are counted when determining whether she wants to become pregnant. Frankly, I think she should be horrified at worst, and reluctantly accepting at best upon learning that she's pregnant with her rapist's child.

Even with this dynamic in play, I still have a lot of fun playing this game and will continue to play regardless.


this game has A LOT of potential , even tho its still bare bones the possibilities are vast . and im very interested in seeying more . even as it is now the game is very interesting and engaging , and i especially like the versatility of the character artwork . you have me sold 

Question for working as a bar maid, when she gets really drunk and pukes in the bathroom, sometimes she will go home and sleep it off, it then tells you the money she made, but then it doesn't get deposited into her bank account.  Error or does she not get paid for not finishing her shift?


Whenever something bad like that happens, she is quick to go home and forgets her money. It will be waiting for her after her next shift.

I'm supposed to leave the chalk mark for Simon right? At the pub? I'm not able to? How do I continue

When you go to the bar it should give you an indicator and just click on it.

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